Saturday, January 24, 2009

New MS Paint in Windows 7

I don't know what windows 7 have or not but one thing i have noticed new in windows 7 is the reincarnation of generations old Microsoft Paint.

yes you heard it right Microsoft Paint got a new look. i am really happy to see that after all Microsoft got sometime to redo its almost forgotten piece.


Now it has some better Selection tools, Brushes (not exactly like Photoshop), good colors. truly speaking i had not yet explored it yet because I am very lazy :).

I have done some explorations and here are some brushes samples. hey friends I am not an artist so please appreciate what i have done with brushes.


And one more change that i have noted is the change in menu. now MS paint is also having Office 2007 like menu and ribbon controls. and heard that MS paint team worked very hard with Office team to get their New menu and ribbon control :).



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