Monday, April 13, 2009

Upgrading Windows 7

BusinessWeek is running a piece on Microsoft's latest attempts to fight back against Apple and Linux and its secret strategy to force unwitting Windows users to upgrade to various flavors of Windows 7.

Because of the smaller size of Windows 7, three versions of the program will come loaded even on lower-end machines. If a consumer on a cheaper PC running the "Standard" version tries to use a high-definition monitor or run more than three software programs at once, he'll discover that neither is possible. Then he'll be prompted to upgrade to the pricier "Home Premium" or "Ultimate" version.

Microsoft says the process will be simple. Customers enter their credit-card information, then a 25-character code, make a few keystrokes, then reboot. (Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Consumer-Product Marketing Brad Brooks) says pricing hasn't been determined, but upgrading "will cost less than a night out for four at a pizza restaurant."

I can't decide if this strategy is profoundly stupid or just utterly moronic.

Besides the fact that when you buy an Apple computer you aren't hoodwinked into upgrading the operating system, just think of all the simple things that can go wrong:

  • Consumer confusion (and subsequent anger) about what they are paying for in the first place
  • The upgrade not working or corrupting an existing installation
  • Online credit card processing through an operating system known for being exploited by a vast range of criminals
  • An assumption that the hardware will be capable of running the new operating system

As Microsoft continues to tout the Apple Tax, perhaps it should look inward a bit and realize that people are willing to pay for Apple products for the high-quality user experience, and not settle for a subpar experience on a product they use every day.

The vast majority of Windows users will end up frustrated and annoyed if this ridiculous upgrade plan idea comes to fruition. Meanwhile, the vast majority of Apple users will continue to save their pizza money and opt for a better computing experience.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Windows 7 UI

This video is all about new user interface of windows 7.

and very good presentation of new features and UI elements in windows 7

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Library Management In Windows 7

This is one of the feature that I wished since the ages of XP.

and the feature is to add any folder to document folders without physically moving it to Document folder. let me explain, earlier to Windows 7 i a user have to add any folder like his songs folder to My Music folder of windows then he have to copy that song folder to My Music which is little problematic at least for me because first it takes to much time and second if because of some reason you have to format your windows you will lose all your document.

So thanks to guys at Microsoft they have come with a very smart solution that is to let you add a reference of song older in My Music rather than hole folder.

Let me show how it works.

you just have to select the folder you want to add to library and click the “Include in library” button this will show you option to where you want to add the folder chose according to content of folder and you are done now the folder will appear in your document folder as it is there.



Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adding Extra Monitors In Windows Is So Easy a Caveman Could Do It :)

Well do you have an extra monitor and wondering what if I add it your System. Now you dint have too think any more Just plug it into VGA port of your laptop and smile if you are using Windows 7 or others i don't want to comment.

after connecting your extra monitor to system you have to just press “Win+P” keys and you will get a simple prompt.


which contains four options

1. Show desktop only on computer display
2. Duplicate desktop onto projector
3. Extend desktop to projector
4. Show desktop only on projector

and you are done :). its never been so easy. I am really amazed how this simple and small thing can can change a users thinking because its these small things that a average user perform every day.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FREE Upgrade to Windows 7 for Vista users?

Windows Vista isn't a bad OS - now. But it's had its problems. Third parties didn't make drivers fast enough, bugs affected obscure features such as copying and deleting files, and Vista Capable PCs were nothing of the sort.

Not all of the problems were Microsoft's fault, but Microsoft's name is on the box - so if people have a less than stellar experience with Vista, it's Microsoft they're going to blame.microsoft_logo

Credit where credit's due, Microsoft appears to have got it right with Windows 7. It boots in less than a fortnight. It doesn't make our laptop shoot up to 100% CPU usage for no good reason, generating enough heat to cook a moose. It goes like lightning on machines that struggled with Vista. It's very good. In fact, it's great. Which is why Microsoft should give it away.

People paid good money for Vista expecting to receive a racehorse, and Microsoft sent them a pig in a wig instead. If that hasn't already scared them into the arms of Steve Jobs, they're still going to be wary about giving Microsoft any money ever again. So Microsoft shouldn't ask them for any.

Instead of flogging Twenty-two badly named and badly differentiated versions of Windows 7, Microsoft could easily offer two. The first, which it could call Windows 7 Essentials, would be the core OS, and it would be an upgrade for Vista SP1. The second would include touch screen support and other sparkly things, and it would be Windows 7 Ultimate. Essentials would be free, with Ultimate as a reasonably priced upgrade.

Madness? Nope. Microsoft doesn't make that much money from OS upgrades: the real cash comes from new PCs. Giving Vista users a free upgrade wouldn't affect that much, but it would make a lot of people feel warm and fuzzy about Microsoft. Many of them would upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Many of them would use Windows Live, and Office, and other Microsoft products. And when it's time to buy a new PC, it might just keep them out of the Apple Store.

Microsoft won't do it. But

it should

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New MS Paint in Windows 7

I don't know what windows 7 have or not but one thing i have noticed new in windows 7 is the reincarnation of generations old Microsoft Paint.

yes you heard it right Microsoft Paint got a new look. i am really happy to see that after all Microsoft got sometime to redo its almost forgotten piece.


Now it has some better Selection tools, Brushes (not exactly like Photoshop), good colors. truly speaking i had not yet explored it yet because I am very lazy :).

I have done some explorations and here are some brushes samples. hey friends I am not an artist so please appreciate what i have done with brushes.


And one more change that i have noted is the change in menu. now MS paint is also having Office 2007 like menu and ribbon controls. and heard that MS paint team worked very hard with Office team to get their New menu and ribbon control :).



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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cinematic Effect In YouTube

yester day I was watching some video on YouTube when suddenly an new button caught my attention which look like this.


I was wondering what this bulb kind of icon can do. when I gone on it it said to turn down light. after this also I am not having any idea what it is going to do.


So like a curious baby I decided to try it and clicked on it and suddenly the screen turned black except that video :). as you can notice the gray area. it turns everything gray letting viewer to focus on the video and enjoy it.


Well its a good innovation in terms of video watching experience because after widescreen video player. but I cant find it on all pages may they are still testing it.

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