Monday, January 19, 2009

Notification Area

this is one of the thing that i really love about win7.

they have given a action center for controlling all the annoying notification that comes in right bottom corner of XP and VISTA.


These Icon usually raising very annoying pop-Ups like update Windows defender Definition or something like that.

But in Win 7 user can control these pop-Ups. its not like that user will never see these and any use full message can be lost. Microsoft has com with very innovative (as far as i think) idea.

That is Action Center.


Now user can select and turn of notification for selected programs.

For those program whose notification are blocked by user can be seen later.


this is in fact very useful or those guys who use there system for presentations and something like that. because its very annoying to have a pop-Up in between of your presentation saying “Please update your Anti-Virus Definition.

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